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Indulge in this healing, balancing, rejuvenating and relaxing Massage. Take time to deeply nourish your sacred body temple. Each treatment is intuitively carried out and tailored to suit your own specific needs. The full body is smothered in hand blended aromatherapy oils, then massaged using a combination of different techniques. I bring in Reiki healing when needed and finish with a gentle sound healing.


I work with a range of sound frequencies using tuning forks and Himilayan singing bowls which align the chakras, harmonise and rebalance the body. You are then wrapped in a warm blanket feeling deeply rested, relaxed and rejuvenated.

60 Minutes Massage with aromatherapy oils

and sound healing - £70.00

90 Minutes - £100.00

120 Minutes - £130.00

Personal Massage

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