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This unique blend is infused with potent good quality and ethical oils to enhance a loving and sensual mood. Creating relaxation and openness also reducing anxiety.

Can induce heightened states of awareness and presence. This love blend can be used for lovers to pamper each other. For exploration in Tantric practices, self pleasuring or simply to indulge in a self loving ritual of intimacy with oneself.  Smother yourself or a loved one in this orgasmic oil and you  are sure to have a full on heart explosion! Arousing the senses . 

However you are feeling? This oil  has uplifting, joyful qualities.

Melt into the moment. 

A precious gift to yourself or a loved one. 

Each 100ml bottle is filled with :

Sweet Almond Oil 

Jojoba Oil 

Essential oils 


Blue Lotus 




Ylang Ylang 


Wild orange


50ml - £28.00

100ml - £50.00

50ml - Sacred Pleasure Body Oil with Blue Lotus

SKU: 0002

  • £3.80 1st Class UK

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