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This Energising & Revitalising Aura Spray is sure to bring back that awakened and alert but relaxed sense of self. I created this potent Aura Spray using magical Crystalline waters from the white and red spring Glastonbury. Morning Dew drops  (This water is energised with Morning sunlight energy infused with light codes and Golden frequencies).

A sprinkling of clear quartz crystals .


Aromatherapy oils 







This Aura Mist will not only boost your energy ! It helps you regain focus 

as it rejuvenates and energises your being! 

Great to spray around the body and face, allowing the droplets of energised water to land on your face and body, breathing in the awakening aromas! You will feel re- energised and ready for whatever life brings! 

Perfect to spray when you are having a dip in energy! 

Feeling tired at work? 

After a massage treatment to awaken the client bringing them back into a more awake and alert state of being.


50ml - £15.00

100ml - £28.00

50ml - Energising Aura Spray

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