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This powerful Sacred Anointing oil was created around CHRISTmas. Using the holy blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold.

I was guided to also use Rose , bringing a feminine energy into this Oil connected deeply to Mary Magdalene.

I have been working a lot with the Golden Sun energy! This year especially, we have been drenched in a very special Golden light! Infusing the oils with Suncodes and Golden light frequencies!


This Oil can be used ceremonially, anointing the Brow, Heart and Womb 

Or intuitively where ever you feel to anoint.

Worn as a perfume oil on pulse points (wrists and neck).

Beautiful in Womens Circles to honour and connect each woman in an anointing ritual.

To deeply honour your beloved, Annointing each other, tuning into your higher selves,bowing down in reverence, for this soul whom you cherish and love. 

Or simply to connect to your own heart. Anointing yourself in a daily dose of self love care and affirmation. 


Each 15ml Bottle contains 

Jojoba Base Oil

Sweet Almond 

24ct Gold Flakes




White pearl 

Sprinkling of Rose quartz 

Energised using Solfeggio frequencies 528hz 


15ml - £25.00 a Bottle

30ml - £45.00 a bottle

15ml - Divine Gold Anointing Ritual Oil

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