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Massage Therapies

Personal Massage

Indulge in this healing, balancing, rejuvenating and relaxing Massage. Take time to deeply nourish your sacred body temple. Each treatment is intuitively carried out and tailored to suit your own specific needs. The full body is smothered in hand blended aromatherapy oils, then massaged using a combination of different techniques. I bring in Reiki healing when needed and finish with a gentle sound healing.


I work with a range of sound frequencies using tuning forks and Himilayan singing bowls which align the chakras, harmonise and rebalance the body. You are then wrapped in a warm blanket feeling deeply rested, relaxed and rejuvenated.

60 Minutes Massage with aromatherapy oils

and sound healing - £70.00

90 Minutes - £100.00

120 Minutes - £130.00

Corporate massage days

Debbie regularly works in London bringing health and well being to the corporate world. Corporate On-site massage is in demand in the work place. As stress levels rise, people’s mental health and well being is being compromised. Staff members are being pushed to their mental and physical limits every day. Subsequently, keeping your staff in excellent mental and physical health has never been more important.

With a choice of a comfortable On-site chair, set up in a private room in your work place, the room is transformed into an ambient, warm and comfortable space with relaxing soft music played in the background. Lighting is dimmed and a deeply inviting aroma of Aromatherapy oils fills the air through a steam diffuser. Once welcomed in the room and seated comfortably on the massage chair, the client is guided through a quick and gentle meditation whilst connecting with their breath to initiate relaxation to their mind and nervous system. This allows for the client to be in an open and receptive space to receive the full benefits of the massage. The massage is finished with healing sounds, using tuning forks around the body to bring the client into harmonic resonance and complimented with an awakening and energising Aromatherapy mist spray, which is sprayed into the air to bring the client back into an alert and relaxed way off being. Each treatment takes between 20-30 minutes. Whole days can be booked and for the bigger companies with more than 25 staff members, I have a selection of amazing therapists, who have years of experience in onsite Corporate Massage who are all fully qualified and insured.

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